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We humans have a dual nature. On one hand we pro-claim ourselves as the “social animal” who has now become social networking animal rather. But we all in some small corner of our mind have a list of people whom we desperately want to avoid bumping in. Take your pick from the list.

1.Pissed off ex-girlfriend, nothing can be more frightful than her demonic scorn. In olden days, it could have burnt you to the ground. And don’t believe the Non-Disclosure agreement either; it worked in fifty shades only.


2.Colleagues, who side stepped you to promotion. You will move heaven and earth not to be in their team.

3.Profs, whose courses you flunked. You may be a big shot manager by now, but you will always try not bump into him/her during the alumni meet.

4.Neighborhood Uncle and Aunty, who know your academic record like Sachin’s centuries.

5.Relatives and family friends; whose wards have foreign degrees and can’t stop bragging, “My betu bought this/that from US for me”.

6.Cousin, who had the same crush as yours. It gets awkward to be the first ones to like her every pic on FB.

7.Few school and college friends you no longer feel connected to. There is nothing common except old and repeated stories.

8.Your dealer, if he is under arrest.

9.Landlord knocking at the door in morning, when you have a friend who happens to be a girl over for a small “night cap”.

10.Former classmate, whose “Diaper-Delivering” start-up just got a funding of 1 million from a VC, while you bide your time napping and day dreaming in your cubicle .


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